Joe Flateau

May 25, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Expand your audience with Twitter Live/Periscope

Update 2021: Twitter has shut down Periscope and rolled it all directly into Twitter. Luzento still allows you to go live on Twitter.

When we talk about Twitter Live and Periscope we’re actually talking about the same platform, Twitter purchased Periscope in 2015 and integrated Periscope in their web and mobile apps in 2018. To go live on Twitter, you go live on Periscope.

Every month, 330 million people use Twitter; Twitter does not report user numbers for the Periscope app, but its daily-users number is estimated at 1.9 million.

Twitter can greatly expand the reach of your live stream. First, when you are live, you are given priority placement within the app: in an exclusive carousel at the top of the Twitter app. Second, the way the Twitter algorithm works, when your followers like or retweet your live stream you get exponential distribution to the friends/followers of your followers who may not have their own faith community, it’s a fantastic outreach tool. Encourage your follower to retweet or just like your stream.

To go live to Twitter/Periscope, you can either use the Twitter app, the Periscope app, or one of Twitter/Periscope’s Live Producer API Partners. Luzento is a Periscope Live Producer API Partner. With the Luzento platform, going live to Twitter/Periscope is as easy as signing into your Periscope account through the Luzento Dashboard and enabling it on your channel. Contact Us for more information or to get started today.