Live streaming
built for churches

Your stream on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter Live, Website, Mobile App, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Church Online Platform


How does it work?

Connect your Social Accounts

Connect your Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, YouTube Channels and more through our easy to use management interface.

Connect your Video

Add your Luzento Stream URL and Stream Key to your preferred live video encoder.
Don't have one? We can help.

Go Live

Just press "Start Streaming" on your encoder and you will instantly be live on all of your social accounts, website, and apps.

Have a Conversation

Create a community around your live streams. Users can join the conversation from whichever app they are viewing. Comments, Likes, and Reactions on Facebook or YouTube are brought into one interface for easy moderation and conversations.

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Your time is important,
why waste it waiting for footage to import?

Create trimmed video archives
in seconds

It couldn't be easier to produce your on-demand video archives. Don't stay hours after a service: importing video, editing the video, waiting for an export to finish, then waiting for uploads to finish.

Luzento Media Studio allows you to create and publish on demand video clips from your live streams instantly. Trim, add your branding and publish it to your YouTube Channel and/or Facebook Page for you, all within minutes. And you can do this before your broadcast has even ended. Just open the stream in Media Studio after the sermon has ended and your sermon archive can be ready before closing prayer.

Who's watching? Where? When? How Long?

Answer these questions with Stream Insights

See which platforms your congregation is watching your streams on, how long they are watching and see comments and reactions as they happen.

Taking "online attendance" has never been easier.

Luzento is the best way to reach your congregation and community with your live stream

Your church has several digital homes: you have a website, mobile app, Facebook Page, YouTube channel and Twitter.

Members of your congregation may frequent one or many of those platform. But there is no one platform where they are all active.

Each of these platforms is an opportunity for you to reach new members of your neighborhood or friends/family of your members who may not have their own church home or may be curious but not ready to attend quite yet.

How does it work?

Producing a live stream can be as complex as having many cameras and realtime graphics generators with video switchers or as simple as a single camera or even just a smartphone. We work with every level of complexity.

However you produce your stream, you broadcast that stream to the Luzento platform. We handle packaging and distributing that to wherever you have a digital presence.

  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Twitch

In addition, we will create branded Smart TV apps* to give those who cannot attend the best option to watch from their homes.

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Google TV
  • Chromecast
Luzento has helped us transform the way we do ministry. We reach further and more effectively because of them. They are constantly adding new features and adding value to our experience.
Shawn King
Pastor of Communication and Online Engagement
Eastern Hills Church


Best for congregations of 100 or fewer

Channels 1
Viewer Time 100 hr/mo
Social Connections 2
Archive Retention 90 days
Media Studio
Additional Report Recipients
Custom RMTP Output
Free Trial: 14 days


Best for congregations of 100 - 250

Channels 3
Viewer Time 200 hr/mo
Social Connections 4
Archive Retention 180 days
Media Studio
Additional Report Recipients
Custom RMTP Output
Free Trial: 14 days


Best for congregations of 250 - 500

Channels 5
Viewer Time 400 hr/mo
Social Connections 8
Archive Retention 366 days
Media Studio
Additional Report Recipients
Custom RMTP Output
Free Trial: 14 days


Best for congregations of 500 and more

Channels 10
Viewer Time 750 hr/mo
Social Connections 16
Archive Retention 732 days
Media Studio
Additional Report Recipients
Custom RMTP Output
Free Trial: 14 days